homebody OUTFITTERS FOR CONTEMPORARY LIVING Mon-closed Tues-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6. 715 8th st se dc 20003.   202.544.8445

 is an independent design store located in the heart of Capitol Hill. homebody is an innovative, sophisticated and welcoming haven for contemporary design. We source products globally and locally, from both well-known design icons and up-and-coming new designers and present them in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

homebody is DC's Gus* Modern furniture studio. 
In our showroom now: Atwood, Jane, Spencer, Highpark, GT Rocker, Sparrow and Kipling Gliders & Ottomans, Bishop tables, Drake, Wireframe and Ossington tables, School table, chairs and stools, Wilson Cabinet, Transit Bench and more!
Atwood Sofa  


Jarvis Sofa & Danforth Chair

Conrad Desk & Thompson Chair

Davenport Sectional & Wireframe Table

Sudbury Dining Table & Thompson Chairs
Bodum Coffee Press, Candles and Candlesticks, modern furniture, modern sofas and sectionals, Gus Modern sofas and sectionals, Locally made, Think Local First, Best Home Goods in DC.
  715 8th st se washington dc 20003             ph: 202-544-8445                 Hours: M-closed Tues-Sa 11-7, Su 12-6
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