Tempurpedic vs. Casper Mattress Comparison – Which to buy

Tempurpedic and Casper are the two giants on the mattress industry.

Tempur was found in 1992 while Casper Sleep is a young competitor that comes to the market since 2013. Tempur has contributed a vast collection of sixteen models in line in three different categories namely the Cloud, the Contour, and the Flex.

Casper on the other hand as a newcomer to the game has introduced three dominant types of cushions to the market which are the Casper, the Essential and the Wave.

While working on the details of these two mattresses, Home Body had experienced a great test of quality, construction, and budget. Though it’s quite hard to determine which item to win the contest, I’ll try my best to bring the most efficient pros and cons to this Tempurpedic vs. Casper review.

Tempur-Pedic in the Tempur Cloud Review

In the Tempur Cloud collection, you’ll meet a set of seven bestsellers ranges from firm to soft. The Cloud Supreme we’re talking about belongs to the medium-soft range.

Added technology has elevated the ability to make quick respond and dismiss body heat.

I would recommend this mattress for people who are looking for a mattress features in regulating body temperature as you drift off to sleep.

The top breeze material is the primary reason makes this mattress more expensive than the standard Tempur-Pedic supreme model. However, you’ll see what makes the price the company has set.


Foam and layers

The 11.5″ Tempur-Pedic mattress consists of four layers. Its base layer with a 3.5″ polyurethane dense foam provides the deep essential compression support. This base contributes to the sturdy structure of the mattress.

The next tier of the same material acts as a transitional layer. The comfort layer lies in the second top takes up 2″ of Visco elastic memory foam which is similar to the top layer. This structure provides the most efficient comfort for the sleepers.

Tempurpedic foam and layers

Tempurpedic foam and layers

The quality of the foam is determined by the density of foam that defines the support to your mass over time. A more dense-foam endures greater weight for longer before impression occurs.


The stretch knit cover is prevalent on all Tempur-Pedic’s. Manufacturing from 94% of polyester and 6% of spandex, the cover offer an excellent degree of softness and a modern yet classic texture.

It allows the Tempur ES material to contour to the curves of your body and gives you good pressure relief.

Besides, there is a breeze treatment in the quilt to circulate air and cooling your sleep.

When you place your hand on the top of the mattress, you can feel a great stretchiness that is quite responsive. If you’re someone who tends to sleep more cooling, the breeze material will undoubtedly do the job.


This mattress has a firmness scale rating of a five which is medium. The material from breeze generates a pleasant sinkage at two inches into the mattress. This rate applies for a moderate weight people lying in a normal position.

Tempurpedic Firmness

Tempurpedic Firmness

So, for me, this is a balanced hug over the body that doesn’t cause any discomfort feeling of being stuck when you need to get up.

More importantly, stomach sleepers may find this mattress slightly soft when lying belly down. Your hips and lower back may sink further resulting in an awkward alignment along the spinal.

So, if you are a side sleeper, you may figure it to be inconvenient to harmony with this mattress. You won’t get to reap the benefits on the pressure relief which might cause you irritation to change side.


The four layers I have mentioned above add together a diameter of 11.5 inches corresponding to twin XL size. This mattress suffices cozy space for a couple on it.

Motion transfer reduction

This feature is probably the one we are most concerned.

Motion transfer from one side to the next of the bed is significantly reduced through the use of foam. Regarding the enveloping feel, you can sense a weightless effect while you are sleeping on the mattress.

With the help of the second layer that supports in reducing the motion transfer. Sleepers who cause too many movements while sleeping with partners can expect this mattress to minimize the transferring energy to the one next to them.


Pressure relief plays the primary role in supporting sleepers of various sleeping positions. While it would be too soft for people who sleep on their sides and stomach, the mattress delivers massive support for individuals who suffer a chronic backache or who sleep flat on their back.

The medium firmness allows the lighter parts of your body to sink as well, leaving a comfortable resting on every area. In other words, a consistent sinkage throughout the elevates every curve on the shape as well as leaping up the round angle on your back to help you sleep in relax.


The two layers of memory foam on top maximizes the body contouring to almost sleeping positions. Heavier back and stomach sleeper can both find the mattress to be a good fit, though I have indicated difficulty a belly sleeper may face.

However, that minor drawback is almost invisible to feel since the memory foam has done to quick responsive job to average body mass. You should not feel the difference while the mattress is curating your body in great shape.


The pack will arrive in a box with plastic around for protection. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but you’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars for returning shipping fee.

You can ask shippers to help you remove the old mattress and place the new one on the frame bed.


The mattress weights 55 pounds in total which can be burdensome for one person. You can do the dragging alone but make sure you won’t cause any torn on the surface.


A Tempur-Pedic mattress has its reputation that makes the price tag a bit on the non-budget side. But you don’t have to doubt the quality it brings.


10-year warranty with a trial of 30 days.


  • Great for people with back or neck pain
  • Well-functioned motion reduction
  • More cooling sleeping surface with heat emitting breeze material and climate support layer


  • Maybe too soft for stomach sleepers
  • Costs money for returning
  • Not on the budget

Casper Sleep Mattress Review

To urge the mattress industry to its bustling degree, Casper Sleep debuted a cutting-edge version of its previous creation.

If you long for a unique, innovative mattress to bring a difference to your sleep, this one may go on the list. The one-of-a-kind design is probably the most impressive visual impact when it comes to criticizing this mattress.

All along with an economical price tag, you don’t want to skip my review of this most recent Casper memory foam mattress. Let’s wait no more and dive right in.


Foam and layers

There are four layers to form the mattress. It has an iterative interior layer design brings optimal coziness to the hip region.

Under the cover, we have the first comfort layer constructed from breathable open-cell foam that brings immediate bounce; this is the bounce you need for motion reduction.

In addition to this, the open cell structure allows the top foam layer to circulate the airflow. This system operates by convection and conduction to transfer heat from your body to the outside.

The second tier is of traditional memory foam to maintain the valuable comfort zone. It works to offer the most effective pressure relief.

The transitional layer is a must to keep sleepers from sinking down further.

The last layer is from durable foam that acts as a base layer to keep the mattress to its stillness.

Casper foam and layers


The top of this mattress is a removable cover by a zipper. The textiles utilized in the cover are imported from Belgium and assembled in the USA. The material used is 100% polyester which makes the top a thin, soft and stretch pad.


Casper Sleep mattress scores 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This number implies the product is on the firm side. We can understand why the mattress owns a great bounce.

In a normal sleeping position, the total sinkage is approximately 2.5 inches. This rate gives a nice hug along your body to put you into a deep sleep. Note that the sinking relies on your body weight. If you’re a light person, you will not find yourself engaging much with the second comfort layer.

Casper firmness


You may have noticed there are four layers that form up the item. The total width is 8.5 inches.

Motion transfer reduction

Light sleepers can entrust this Casper mattress for this feature. Medium firmness is one factor that adds extra support in reducing neighboring energy to interfere with your sleep.

The memory foam in the cushion does an excellent job in keeping motion transfer minimal. If you have your partner moving aggressively at night, it won’t be too disruptive to notice the tossing and turning in and out of bed.


From the test of pressure point, you can get the visual presentation on how the mass is distributing evenly across the bed. To sleepers on the sides, your weight has a higher concentration at the shoulders and hips.

On your back, there is a prominent pressure relief where the zoned support fills in space, and your lower back thus elevates the lumbar region. If you roll onto your stomach, the bed can keep your spine, shoulders, and hips on a healthy alignment.

The edge support is one feature to keep your rolling out of the bed when you share your space with someone.

Overheating affects the REM sleep which is a restorative state process that is crucial to the quality of your sleep. This mattress provides a cooling system with the breeze material to recommend for hot sleepers who sweat a lot during their rests.

Body contour

The second layer is also the contour layer which holds the central role in enveloping your body in a comfortable embracement. As you won’t sink deep into the segment, there isn’t any difficulty for your get up.


Casper offers a free shipping service. The mattress delivers compressed in a box. There will be no cost in case you want to return the bed; the company will pick it up once you contact them.


When it’s still in the box, you can move it with help from your housemate. Though, the shippers should help you to place the mattress on your bed.


The price of this mattress is a blessing for anyone who is on a budget but wishes for a high-quality sleep. The value the bedding brings at this price range has promoted it to be one of the top choices of consumers.


A brand-new Casper comes with a 10-year warranty and 100 nights trial.

  • Pros

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Satisfy wide range of sleeper
  • Budget price
  • Unique design
  • No returning fee
  • Cons

  • Only composite components
  • Not as responsive as a mattress with innerspring
  • Inadequate support for heavier people

Which one should you buy?

It’s hard to say, but honestly, it depends on your preference and financial condition. You can consider the Tempur-Pedic if you want to focus on the slow-motion memory foam feel, and you don’t mind your wallet. Casper should be your choice if you’re going to save money a responsive mattress.

Tempurpedic vs. Casper Mattress Comparison

Either way, you go, the two company both make the best of their products. The quality will speak, and you will see no wrong investment.

The Bottom line

These two mattresses don’t have to be in serious combat to claim who is the winner. In the market where Tempurpedic vs. Casper, the old vs. the young, everyone deserves its stand in term of serving all customers.

homebodydc.com hope you enjoy reading my bedding review and look forward to my next one.

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