Tempurpedic vs. Amerisleep: Which One is Better for Your Sleep?

But before we lead you how the two brands are compared, it’s important to see that sleep is one of the most important activities for determining our quality of life. This context shall be crucial for you to make an informative assessment of the mattresses later on.

Let’s take the contest rightly start! The contestant Amerisleep is managing to defeat the rival, Tempurpedic who is considered as the king of memory foams. Amerisleep and Tempurpedic are two brands of ultra-luxury memory foam mattresses which are designed to bring the users comfortable and wonderful sleep. But, who will be the winner?

Enjoy your healthy life by a good sleep and exercise every day

Enjoy your healthy life by a good sleep and exercise every day

Let’s see how Tempurpedic is the top candidate, and can Amerisleep beat them off? What are the differences between them? Who will be the winner, Tempurpedic or Amerisleep? Continue to read right now.

So, we shall make the comparison varied from the construction, firmness, thickness, portability, and warranty to pros and cons of the two same soft mattresses line of these two brands.

When we look at the performance and functionality of the two mattresses, there are some differences. As we mentioned above, they are made with the high quality of memory foams and advance materials inside the cover and structure. However, let’s see much more differences now.

Amerisleep Review


Foam and layers

The Amerisleep AS3 often has three different layers of foam that are: the top layer (cooling and comfort), the middle layer (support and pressure relief) and the bottom layer (foundation support). The equal thicknesses are 3 inches, 2 inches, and 7 inches respectively.

  • The top layer (cooling and comfort): With Bio-Pur technology, this layer is designed to give the support, cooling for the users. Simultaneously, it helps relieve the pressure and bring the mild feeling for the sleeper.
  • The middle layer (support and pressure relief): This layer is poly support foam which acts as the transitional layer as the support for the sleeper. So, this layer has the thickness of only 2 inches.
  • The bottom layer (foundation support): With 7-inch poly support foam, this layer acts as the base support for the mattress and give the deep compression lifting for the user.

The Amerisleep, the excellent partner for your sleep (image sourced from https://www.amerisleep.com/skin/frontend/default/amerisleep/images/buying-guides/tp-vs/2018-1-8_amerisleep-vs-tempur_1_header.jpg)


Amerisleep AS3 offers the cover which has a blend composition of polyester (77%), Celliant (21%) and spandex (2%). With thermo-reactive minerals, Celliant component helps transform our body heat into infrared light.

Celliant and infrared light helps our body increase blood flow, carry more oxygen, which allows users to gain better temperature regulation. That is the reason to improve our overall sleep. Is it sounds very actually interesting, isn’t it?

Regarding the appearance, its cover is nice thanks to the dominant white color and the little flair of a tan wavy pattern. So, the Amerisleep AS3 has the simple but sophisticated color combination.


To assess the stiffness in the scale of 10 points, the Amerisleep seems to focus on the less firmness of the mattress which the level of about 3.5 to 7.5.

Besides, with the AS3 line, the user can be given with the pronounced hug and sinkage depth, improving the capacity of. However, the sinkage depth shall vary due to the differences in body weight and type. The mattress can give more sinkage depth with heavier sleepers.

Pushing back and supporting the users can help us enjoy the comfortable feeling and benefit of the incredible supporting level of the foams.


With the thickness of mostly above 12 inches, the details of thickness of product lines as follows:

  • The AS1 is 10″ tall. It has one layer of memory foam and a thick support layer.
  • The AS2 consists of 3 layers and is 12″ tall.
  • The AS3 consists of 3 layers with 12” tall. The topmost layer is 1″ thicker than that of AS1 or AS2.
  • The AS4 is 12″ tall with three layers.
  • The AS5 is 14″ tall and has four layers. Primarily, it has two layers of transition foam.

Body contour

Although this mattress has impressive support level, it is too soft to our stomach. It can contour our body curve and ensure the spinal alignment. Even my mother said that she sleeps mainly on her back and then found that she also felt comfortable on her side. The AS3 mattress is suitable for the users who enjoy medium sinkage level and for those who get the problem with the stomach; the Amerisleep AS1 or Amerisleep AS2 should be more preferred.

Motion transfer reduction

With the materials composition as above, this mattress can offer a comfortable sleeping surface. Actually, I tested and saw that thanks to the proper sinkage level and memory foam design, the Amerisleep AS3 does an excellent job in a reduction of motion transfer.  With a flexible design, there is merely no motion transfer or even less bounce for your partner.

Smartly shipped

It costs only 1 or 2 days for order processing and 1 or 5 days shipping via FedEx when it is compressed in a box.

Affordable and warranty

This mattress offers an acceptable price and fit for everyone’s financial situation. Even you can pass the 100 days of trial use and get a discount up to even 200$.

One more astonishing offer of the manufacturer is that you can interest a 20-year warranty policy.

You can contact to have the manufacturer to fix or replace any components if any without no cost. Even they can provide you a new one if your mattress is defective due to defects in materials for the first ten years. In the next ten years, the replacement cost shall be 50% of the initial purchase cost.


  • High customer satisfaction
  • With Bio-Pur technology, it offer the high durability with strong pressure to relieve capacity
  • Less odor with simple but sophisticated color combination and design.
  • The price is affordable
  • Long warranty time of 20 years


  • It takes the user the shipping time from 7 to 10 days for delivery
  • Some situations are occurring with the firmness due to the buyer’s complaint when they are either firmer or softer than they expected.

Tempurpedic Mattress Review


Let’s take a look with the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze which is the same product line with the Amerisleep AS3. This all-foam mattress product line offers four layers of foam which have the total height of 11.5 inches.

  • The top layer (comfort): Its viscoelastic memory foam has 2 inch thickness. It offers the soft hug and contours the sleeper body as the initial warm feeling.
  • The second layer (comfort and support): This layer is also made of viscoelastic memory foam with the thickness of 2 inches. It is a touch firmer and makes up a smoother transition into the two bottom layers.
  • The third layer (support): It has the thickness of 4 inches of polyurethane foam. It is aimed to make the mattress more supportive.
  • The bottom layer (support and foundation): This layer is made up of polyurethane foam which has the thickness of 3.5 inches. As the compacted layer of foam, it acts as the strong and deep support in addition to the foundation of the mattress


Home Body use the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze to compare with the Amerisleep AS3. Its composition consists of 94% polyester, 6 % of spandex. The cover is thin and has the stretchy composition, and improved airflow in and out which help maintain the soft-to-the-touch and comfortable feeling to the sleeper.

Regarding the color, the all-white color appearance with blue piping and gray lining, this mattress has genuinely a great look.

Simple but professional standard color of Tempurpedic (image sourced from https://assets-www.tempurpedic.com/media/original_images/Cloud_SupremeBreeze.jpg)


In the scale of 10 marking, the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze can be scored with 5.

In comparison with Amerisleep AS3, this mattress is a little bit softer. I can feel that this mattress can absorb most of my weight and slowly increase the sinkage depth.

This kind of mattress line can be considered as the truly traditional memory foam. Therefore, you should be sure a fan of classic memory foam before making the decision to choose this mattress.


In the Tempurpedic Mattress line, the thickness of products is varied from 10 to 15 inches. With the traditional memory foam structure and high thickness, some Tempurpedic Mattress are still labeled as “ultra-breathable”.

Body contour

Similar to the Amerisleep AS3, the Cloud Supreme Breeze is so soft when I sleep on my stomach. When I put my hips into the surface, it was sinking a bit and created an uncomfortable feeling to its angle.

At the first few minutes of lying down, I can feel a cool touch feel and after a while, this cool feeling gives way to the standard body temperature.

Motion transfer reduction

By the above firmness, the Tempurpedic also minimizes the motion transfer which results in the reduced bounce. With the Tempurpedic memory foam, you can even feel the overall comfort when your partner is moving around the bed.


Tempurpedic still does an excellent job of creating the great support for different weights and shape of users. Although some part of our body experiences the certain sinkage degree, it provides a high level of comfort, good pressure relied on and strong spinal alignment.

Smartly shipped

The manufacturer offers free shipping policy. It takes 1 or 2 days to process the purchase order and 1 to 5 days by Wayfair shipping. Or even you can purchase via various retailers of this brand.

Affordable and warranty

For the people who enjoy the comfortable feeling of the ultra-luxurious mattress and don’t care about the high cost, the Tempurpedic is a smart choice. However, you should prepare the 3 or 4 times higher amounts than that of the Amerisleep Mattress to own a Tempurpedic.

In term of warranty, the Tempurpedic offers the 10-year warranty policy with full free replacement due to material defects.

No matter how wonderful the ultra-luxury models of the mattress are, the Tempurpedic has also both pros and cons as follows:


  • Thanks to the SmartClimate System, it offers the great cooling capability
  • Great contouring to the body shape with high pressure relieve
  • High durability and offer the least motion transfer


  • Incredibly expensive price
  • Undefined cooling technology and unknown materials
  • Different retailers vary the trial period and the buyer shall charge refund delivery expense.

Tempurpedic vs. Amerisleep

It’s Time to Make the Decision: Which is Better?

In the comparison, Home Body can see the Amerisleep and the Tempurpedic are the top quality products which are well-made and reviewed as the best mattresses available in the market.

The Amerisleep has some breakthrough innovations in the mattress industry. Let’s see how they protect our environment by eco-friendly mattress materials. They are also the pioneer in advanced open cell-structure which offer comfort feeling and breathability inside their products.

With the acceptable and proper price, the performance and quality of the Amerisleep are far better than our expectations while the Tempurpedic seems to keep their origin of material and technology in secret with an incredibly high price.

So, do you have your winner in this battle? Home Body has had already; it is the Amerisleep.

Above all, hope that we are enjoying with higher living standard and imagine a life with better sleep and higher energy!

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